Sleep Is A Concept

25 03 2008

One that I’m going to have trouble grasping for the next week or so.

Procrastinations a bitch…

I say this every year, but if only I could just start earlier I’d be fine… Except I’m lazy, and probably have a little ADD. Plus I keep pulling this shit out of my ass so I don’t learn my lesson.

As soon as I can get this term work done I can get back to the important stuff

Talking about the Louis XIV and Foo Fighters concerts of the past few weeks and finally getting down to business with writing out my thoughts on Pownce and Socialthing.

Oh, and theres this book I’ve been meaning to read for a while now… I’m kind of embarrased to even admit to having bought a copy, but having been promised the potential of life changing revelations I’m gonna give it a shot.

Until then…



A paucity, in general

10 03 2008

Or a scarcity, for those of you not inclined to development of your lexicon. Yes I did that one on purpose.

I’m talking more specifically about the insufficient quantity of intelligent persons on campus. This can however be broadened to a comment (or commentary perhaps) on the dearth of the aforementioned just about everywhere these days.

I’m Just warming up…