Unlimited Data With Your Rogers iPhone? Think Again

27 06 2008

Rogers took this morning to announce their pricing scheme for the imminent 3G iPhone launch in Canada.
Lets get it out of the way quickly – we’re getting screwed. yet again.

Plans for your mainditory 3-year contract will start at $60/month (Rogers or Fido, theres no deal to be found going Fido this time) netting you a whopping 150 minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends (starting at 9 p.m.) and… wait for it… 400 megs of data and 75 sent text messages.

Things scale all the way up to $115/month with 800 minutes, unlimited evenings and weekends and 2 GB of data with 300 sent texts.

Dont forget thats all before your manditory 7-dollar network surcharge (for which a class action lawsuit is currently underway). Gotta pay to improve the network right? But then, whats your bill paying for?

Something seem wrong there? Hell, a lot seem wrong there? Lets take a look after the break.

Edit: Rogers now has a direct link to their pricing
Edit: Thanks to Andy Peating for his handy direct comparison

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