The Morning After

18 03 2008

Waking up drunk the next day is an experience I don’t relish, but it is a decent bellwether of win levels experienced the night before so I guess one shouldn’t complain too loudly.
It’s also infinitely preferable to the next step down the ladder – the blackout.

Luckily (or not so much depending on who you ask) there were no strangers in my bed this morning to constitute a true ‘morning after’ story. Also, I didn’t soil my sheets with any excess of green beer and chicken balls, nor did I wake up not knowing where I was.

All in all a pretty tame night one would say.
There are however a few points I’d like to highlight that bump the night up from ordinary so grab some coffee (as I plan on doing) and check it after the break:

why my back hurts is not explained… do you know?