The Morning After

18 03 2008

Waking up drunk the next day is an experience I don’t relish, but it is a decent bellwether of win levels experienced the night before so I guess one shouldn’t complain too loudly.
It’s also infinitely preferable to the next step down the ladder – the blackout.

Luckily (or not so much depending on who you ask) there were no strangers in my bed this morning to constitute a true ‘morning after’ story. Also, I didn’t soil my sheets with any excess of green beer and chicken balls, nor did I wake up not knowing where I was.

All in all a pretty tame night one would say.
There are however a few points I’d like to highlight that bump the night up from ordinary so grab some coffee (as I plan on doing) and check it after the break:

why my back hurts is not explained… do you know?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

18 03 2008

Posting anything else would just be me putting up content while buzzed out of my head at quarter to four in the morning.

Not a good idea.

See you in the morning – hopefully.

Manhunt 2 Grabs A UK Release

15 03 2008

The BBC‘s reporting that the Video Appeals Committee has upheld their decision to let Manhunt 2 hit UK shelves – well, the edited version at least.

After taking their politically motivated censorship fight all the way to Britain’s High Court, ostensibly because no one else would think of the children, it looks like the BBFC’s finally had their dicks proper slapped.

Oh, and they aren’t happy about it, and I love it. From the article, David Cooke the director of the British Film Classification Board responds saying

“However, the Video Appeals Committee has again exercised its independent scrutiny. It is now clear, in the light of this decision, and our legal advice, that we have no alternative but to issue an 18 certificate to the game.”

Q-Fucking-Q. Next time maybe don’t waste British taxpayers money. Especially on a pretty tame property like Manhunt… that sold mostly on hype from this type of crap… that isn’t even that good!

Tiny Robots

15 03 2008

Fresh off the wire, Trendhunter and hell, just about everyone else are talking about robot tech coming out of the EU’s Symbrion project.
Search and Rescue! Space Exploration! Medicine!
Results by 2013!
Well shit, looks like mom was right – that Roomba was just a waste of money

You ever notice that robot news is cyclical?

It seems we’ve started another swing towards swarm technology on both the macro and micro scale. This generally occurs after Robot Uprising talk and before the man’s-best-friend stuff.

Strangely no one considers the uprising when they talk about new cuddle bots. I still say it’ll be hybrid Elmofurbys that eventually enslave us all. But, I digress…

More Roboranting after the break

Das Links

12 03 2008

I’d make some witticism about torpedoes, but forcing a Das Boot related pun is probably a disservice to humor in general.

Waste Your Time With The Goodness Inside

‘President’s Choice Financial’ OR ‘Why Free Banking Isn’t Free’

11 03 2008

I opened a savings account with the good people at PC Financial – A direct banking subsidiary of RBC Financial! Because at the time they had the highest interest rate savings going and I needed to park my money while a few things happened. Not least among these was the creation of a new E*Trade account to replace my BMO Investorline one which at 26 or 28 bucks a trade was simply too much anal pounding to take in one go.

Anyway.. with the account set up I go to fund it from this PC holding tank. You know that disclaimer before every transaction where they tell you it can take up to two business days for anything to get done? The one you ignore because shit goes through instantly 99% of the time?

Yeah, PC Financial doesn’t fuck around. You better take your two days. Oh, and everything needs to be post dated by at least a day – EVERYTHING. So, its more like 3 days to do anything with your money.

I guess when RBC decided to back this operation they gave the PC kids whatever parallel gerbils-on-spinning-wheel powered servers they had in the back room.

Either that or you really do get what you pay for…. those bitches.

Korean Porno?

11 03 2008


Set dicks to hard mode.

I was always a zerg player back in the day… Kerrigans voice for this clip annoys the shit out of me. If its the same voice actor, ugh i dunno, maybe its a case of rose coloured glasses on my part but I remember her sounding a hell of a lot cooler than this.
Still… hydralisks baby, hydralisks!

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