Procrastination for March 11

10 03 2008

At 12am when I dont want to work and need to avoid entering into the all night time-vortex that very specific msn usage will result in. Not that that’s a bad thing. Personally I love it. But, I’m fucking beat so its just not a good idea and as I have no impulse control, without something else to do its sure to happen…

So, a slightly photoshopped (and I do mean slightly) piss poor photo taken with my T-11.

I need an SLR… but thats a post for a whole other time.

Rotation Platform

I don’t know why I like this shot, its just flipped blurred and slightly recoloured to cover up the lack of actual focus in the original (…god damn T11 I despise you for this kind of shit).

All and all its quite below average objectively. Maybe its the focal point at the end of the tunnel and the natural lines in the scene drawing you in.

Maybe I’m retarded.

Scratch the maybe.