Getting the Band Back Together: Rock Band 2 ‘Announced’

30 06 2008

Announced is in quotes because, lets face it, this was as inevitable as fat kids eating pudding.

IGN’s reporting that the official word has come down from Harmonix regarding Rock Band 2‘s release this fall – September on the 360 and “later in the year” on PS3. Wii? who knows.

The article’s a little sparse on interesting detail beyond the usual “its bigger, its badder” rhetoric but the salient points include:

  • Full compatibility with your RB 1 DLC
  • All DLC works with any version of Rock Band
  • “Improved” instruments
  • The necessary UI tweaks

Some brief musings on Guitar Hero: World Tour vs. Rock Band 2 after the break 

With lessons learned from the previous Fisher Price Wars; Guitar Hero peripherals not working with Rock Band and Rock Band guitars being notoriously sub-standard at launch, one wonders if buying a Rock Band bundle is going to be the best choice this fall.

If Activision continues to reject instrument compatibility in this second round with World Tour and Harmonix still tries to play nice, then isn’t the best choice for a consumer to buy the Guitar Hero kit and simply pick up a copy of Rock Band 2? Instruments are guaranteed to work and you’re never cut off from DLC.

Of course, this kinda screws Harmonix in the end – there has to be a nice markup on those plastic instruments – and so one wonders just how much longer they’ll keep holding out the olive branch.

For now though, unless Harmonix does something really wild with their Keytar2.0’s it looks like Activision is getting the bulk of my cash this fall.
Not that I like it, it’s just the only way to play.




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18 09 2008


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