Blizzard Fires Up Secondary Money Printer, To Run On Souls

28 06 2008

Don’t you wish you were invited to Paris?
For my part, I have two friends in the city of lights at this moment who have no clue that Blizzard just stroked the game boners of millions of geeks to completion.

Behold, Diablo 3 – The beginning of the end for so many of us after finally breaking free of WoW

Trailer below and gameplay footage embedded after the break.

Oh lord… I remember an ENTIRE summer between 8th and 9th grade where all my friends and I did was play Diablo II. I mean 9am – 11pm. Without fail.
…well, some fail obviously, but we were unaware at the time


Apologies as always for the youtube quality with wordpress… your high def fix can be satisfied at GameVideos.







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29 06 2008
service manual

interested thank for sharing

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