Das Links

12 03 2008

I’d make some witticism about torpedoes, but forcing a Das Boot related pun is probably a disservice to humor in general.


Ever been searching for some obscure drivers or maybe help getting your washing machine to work without the virgin sacrifices? Ever notice that its weird forums that give you the best advice?

Well then, forget about google, these kids have developed a forum-only search engine, so get out there and find out just how to get grape juice from your rabbit furry costume. you sick fuck.

Need a 5 second encapsulation of what it means to be a UofT student?

… After I Broke in and Changed All Your Answers to “Masturbation”?
Student: Yeah, she said ‘good luck’ to me. [Friend rolls eyes and shakes head.] I know. It’s the University of Toronto — she doesn’t mean ‘good luck.’ What she really means is ‘I hope you choke on a toothpick and die so I can get your spot in the program.’
Friend, sighing: It really is a shame this school has to be so competitive… How’d you do on that last test?

University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Overheard by: A+
via Overheard Everywhere, Mar 6, 2008

Yeah… enjoy your stay.

Vampire Weekend
Lets call it new wave meets ska with a poppy (in the best way) punch. Bedouin Stroke-clash maybe? The Ramones at the beach?
All I know is it works for me

Now, going the completely opposite direction…

Electro remixers from L.A. Played SXSW this year too, so indie cred confirmed.They were part of a badass lineup at CiRCA pretty recently too… too bad no one goes there.

More electro goodness. For some reason all the tracks, save one, on this myspace music player are all over the place.
Scroll down to “Television Loves The Nation” to get a feel for what this guy can really do and avoid the rest. Hard beat incoming.
Dimitry Fyodorov
They call it Death Metal Electro. It’s kinda true.




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